Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Claymore Wants to Get Laid More....

So I was talking to my good friend Claymore the other day. He's a really sound guy and we go back a long way. He was telling me he recently created a profile on the dating website 'Plenty of Fish', but wasn't really having much luck so far. So I figured I'd do what any good, well intentioned, interfering friend would do and take it upon myself to share his profile on my blog without asking his permission. 

If your a young woman or know of a young woman who's looking for a really sweet, sincere fellow with a heart of gold, then take the time to click on little old Claymore's profile below. He's a catch!

If you find you take a shine to Claymore or if your just up for a free fish and chip at The Golden Grill do give him a shout over at 'Plenty of Fish', I'm sure he'd be delighted to hear from you. But don't tell him you saw his profile here, he's a very sensitive little fellow at times.... 

Anyway's, I'm off to practise me some Slap Bass! Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

Fintan Strasbourg.

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Potato Peelings and Sentimental Feelings II....

Here at 'Potato Print Productions', "the alternative greeting card company that say's the things mainstream greeting card companies won't." We've been busy expanding our range of cards for 2015, in order to cater to a wider array of antisocial and dysfunctional needs. Needs both you and your loved one's may pleasantly find the solution to within our ever expanding range. Below are a sample of some of our new cards for the coming year..... 


Here's a card for those of you that are worried about a friend or relative dealing with suicidal thoughts.....




And finally, here's a card for those of you dealing with or who know someone dealing with casual substance abuse....


If you find that any of the above cards meet your 'socially obligated' needs and are suitably sentimental for your most treasured of family and personal occasions. They can be found as part of a much wider selection of cards available for purchase at.....

Happy New Year!

Fintan Strasbourg.

Saturday, 22 November 2014

'It's Evolution.... Shamans, Warrior Chiefs and Medicine Men'....

New Trip-Hop track entitled 'It's Evolution....'. Taking inspiration from the Shamans, Warrior Chiefs and Medicine Men of Native America. This one's got a nice dirty little bass line, so crank it up good and loud!

Till next time....

Fintan Strasbourg.

Monday, 21 July 2014

'Stop, Start, Rewind.'....

This one took a while, but I've just finished my first new track since the last new track. It's got a lovely little string section, a 1970's JVC HR-3300 video cassette recorder and lot's of terrible smashie sounds. For best effect, it should be listened to loudly on speakers, unless you've a small child or pet in the general vicinity. In which case it should be listened to loudly on headphones! 


Peace Out...
F. Strasbourg.

[ Thanks to 'Limerick Sounds' and 'Trip-Hop-Monterrey' for sharing the track ]

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Potato Peelings and Sentimental Feelings....

So somewhat frustrated with the severe lack of quality greeting cards that are on sale these days. My good friend Oswald Rutager and I have set up our own company 'Potato Print Productions' in order to produce a line of quality cards that serve as an alternative to the majority of below par cards that are on the market. Greeting cards that aren't just adorned with standard generic meaningless sentiment. Cards that don't, as our CEO, Indonesia McInnerny says, "Say fuckin' nothing, to nobody, 'bout no one". Cards you wouldn't be ashamed to give to friends, relative's, co-workers or the terminally ill. 

We've been hard at work on this new project, so without further ado, here is a selection of cards from the 'Potato Print Productions' range.... 




We're also proud to announce that 'Potato Print Productions' will be producing short runs of cards to cater for 'minority social occasions'. The type of occasions the major card manufacturers, on a general basis, just don't tend to cater to. Here for example, is a card for those of you who wish to commemorate dumping your partner on their twenty seventh birthday..... 

If you find that any of the above cards meet your 'socially obligated' needs and are suitably sentimental for your most treasured of family and personal occasions. They can be found as part of a much wider selection of cards available for purchase at....

Fintan Strasbourg.

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Spaghetti on a Hot Baguette and Atoms in the Internet....

Atoms for Henrietta (Spinning Carousel's In Her Mind)
Atoms for Henrietta (Spinning Carousel's In Her Mind)

So the new E.P. 'Atoms for Henrietta (Spinning Carousel's In Her Mind)' has been floating around the world wide web for a week or so now. And whilst, as of yet, it's impact has not extended too far out into the vast, infinite universe of music. Little atoms have however been popping up here and there! Therefore, some thanks and appreciation to the following....

Thanks very much to UK based Jazz & Soul radio show 'Ketch A Vibe' for featuring 'Lost In Time On Platform Nine (Is This All There Is)' off the E.P. on their April 5th edition of the show. The podcast of which can be check'd out at the following link : Ketch A Vibe 178, April 5th.

The show is syndicated each week to the following radio stations.

BluesJazz Radio (NC/ USA)
The Coast Radio  (NJ /USA) 
XRP Radio (Birmingham UK)
Samurai FM (Japan) 
Digest Music Radio (Montenegro ME)
Play FM (Austria) 
Electric Lion Radio (London UK)
Cruise FM (London UK)
Impact Radio (Italy)

Guest mixes on :
Radio Krimi (France)
Canora Radio (Madrid Spain)

Also, thanks to 'Trip-Hop-Laboratory' on Radio Varna (Bulgaria) for sharing the E.P. As did 'A Reason To Love You (Trip-Hop Community)''World of Trip Hop' and  'Limerick Sounds'And special thanks to music websites 'Goldenplec.com' (Ireland) and 'The Sound Out' (Ireland) for giving the E.P. a shout out, very much appreciated. 

Finally, a few people have asked me what the title of the E.P. 'Atoms for Henrietta (Spinning Carousel's In Her Mind)' is about? Basically, I don't have the slightest idea. I just took the name off a box of dog biscuits I seen when I was backpacking across Scandinavia last summer. So really, all credit must go to the marketing department of 'Andersen & Andersen & Son's International Pet Foods Ltd.'.....

Dog Biscuits
Dog Biscuits

F. Strasbourg.

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Atoms for Henrietta (Spinning Carousel's in Her Mind) E.P. ....

The Near Future! Atoms for Henrietta

'Atoms for Henrietta (Spinning Carousel's In Her Mind) E.P.' is the follow up to 2010's 'A Little Understanding E.P.'. It took a while, but what can I say, thing's have been fairly hectic down at the penguin sanctuary the last few years..... 

Anyway's, it's a twenty three plus minute Trip-Hop journey that take's you through the bustling street's of New York, the crowded rush hour platforms of a European railway station. Accidentally stumbles upon an extraterrestrial abduction, for no particular reason. Plummets into the deepest, darkest depths of Willie Nelson's dementia stricken mind, for a very specific reason. Shoot's out across the funky Australian 'Outback', and ends the trip with a nice big bag of penny sweets and a bucket of sherbet dip high up in the frozen mountains of the Himalayas.

Just press play below and away we go.....

Additionally, if you feel compelled to add 'Atoms for Henrietta' to your own personal 
music collection, you can do so by purchasing it from The Near Future! Bandcamp page, at the following link.... Click me, you know you wanna

It come's with a bunch of extra item's which include amongst other things the very fine video above and a video of myself doing a stirring duet of 'The Wind Beneath My Wings' with one of the penguins down the sanctuary!

Fintan Strasbourg.